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French bassets - Hunting dogs
© By Yoland Grosjean - Lutry - Lake of Geneva Area
In friendly Switzerland
Picture of the author with George (5 years old French basset)
Yoland with George II, 5 years old Basset Bleu de Gascogne
Warning / disclaimer : 
my own language is French, and for me English is only a later acquired communication media. Therefore I ask your for leniency.  
Thank you !   


My encounter with a Basset Bleu de Gascogne

All my life I have been fascinated by dogs. I just love them, all of them ! I received my first own dog, a large size Swiss Bernese Bouvier, on the occasion of my fifth anniversary, in 1947.
Since that brilliant day I always had a dog... Different races, different sizes, different features. All of them were lovable faithful partners, and they marked up the successive times of my own history. The only flaw that I could never forgive them is that their lifetime is much to short. Who said : " In a faultless World our dogs would live eighty years and our wives fifteen... " ? 
Some twenty years ago I acquired my first French Basset Bleu de Gascogne. I had just lost my twelve years old German Dachsund, and I desperately needed a new dog. I was looking for a larger hound, with short legs (I enjoy the funny look of the bassets), and good physical ability. As a matter of fact, my first idea was to acquire an English Basset Hound. Unfortunately the local breeders have a tendency to select only the very heavy specimens. They look great, they are very nice, but they do not have the physical endurance, speed, and flexibility which I required. 
I enjoy long walks in the mountains, sometimes in very bad or very hot weather. I like to go hunting and river fishing. I do a lot of sailing. And first of all, I want my dog to be happy with my own lifestyle.
Therefore I began to look around for a sturdy basset breed which could fit my taste and requirements.

At that time, a friend of mine informed me of the birth of a progeny of Bassets Bleus de Gascogne, and he recommended me to get one of the puppies. I did not know much about these dogs, but when I first met " Capitano de l'Arquebuse " (later renamed George... More convenient !) I immediately fell in love. He was eight weeks old, and just irresistible.

That was the real beginning of my deep interest for the French " Bassets & Chiens courants " (Literally : running dogs).

George's pedigree : 
  • Date of birth : 03.01.1992 
  • Origin : Mas Gautier, 87400 La Geneyrouse - Le Bois de Suzol (near Limoges in France) - Mr. Marcel Vulvin. 
  • Mother : Infatigable Marquise de la Passion de la Chasse. 
  • Father : Pilou du Mas Gautier 
Original name :
HARO du mas Gautier
Tattooed NPL512 
Conclusion of this "love" story...

I am now living with my second Basset Bleu de Gascogne (George the second). He is my best friend and a very attractive dog.
He is quite clever, knows how to steal and be forgiven, and seems to enjoy life. George is also a perfect hunting dog, and for his own entertainment he joins sometimes for a day or two a pack near Limoges (in France) were he was born. He enjoys chasing some games with his original family.

I have also a very nice small Lady Dachsund who lives with us. She seems to be the boss at home, George has to mind, and the rest of us have to comply with her utterly authoritative character. But she is so charming...

Yoland Grosjean - 1998
Nice basset
GO !